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  • handyman with a toolbox standing in the doorway
    14/06/2022 0 Comments
    3 Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Generators Running Smoothly

    It always happens when you least expect it—strong winds or a bad storm can knock out the power when we need it the most. Only then do we usually think back to the last time we maintained our generator.

    It is, in fact, simple to upkeep a generator—and it’s essential to do it regularly. A generator can be your lifeline in case of an emergency or blackout, and it can also be a huge asset to the safety and protection of your property. Here are some maintenance tips to protect your backup home generator in Ontario.


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  • commercial Kohler backup generator
    22/09/2021 0 Comments
    Top 5 Generator Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

    Generators are essential for any business or household to use in the event of a power outage. They make it possible to maintain an energy supply during emergencies, which is critical to protecting both people and equipment.


    Routine maintenance will help keep your things running smoothly, but generator problems can still arise. If you find yourself with a problem generator, here are five common generator problems to be aware of.


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  • Kohler Standby Generator
    14/07/2021 0 Comments
    Standby Generator Maintenance Checklist

    Is your standby generator in good condition?


    Bad storms and freak weather can cause extended power outages. This could put your home or business at risk. A standby generator is a great way to keep your home running if the power goes down.

    But having one installed isn't enough, and if you want to ensure it runs smoothly, you need to maintain it well. If you're not a professional though, it's hard to know where to start, and a checklist can help.


    Keep on reading to learn more about the importance of having a generator maintenance checklist and what it involves.


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  • Ronnie's Truck
    31/05/2021 0 Comments
    Why Ronnie’s Generator Service Is Your Best Choice for Generator Maintenance

    Buying and owning a home generator is a big but worthwhile investment. With proper care, they can last for a long time without ever needing expensive repairs. 

    There are many reasons why generator maintenance is important, and there are many options for choosing the right people to look after it.


    Read on to find out why Ronnie’s Generator Service are the generator maintenance pros you should trust. You'll also learn some generator maintenance tips to help you protect your investment.


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  • a house with lights at night
    20/01/2021 0 Comments
    Why Choosing a Reliable Emergency Generator Service Is Important

    When your power goes out, you expect your emergency generator to kick in, ensuring continual power. But what if it doesn’t? Now your home or business is without power, and you’re sitting in the dark.

    If you have an emergency generator in Ontario, you want to ensure it’s in proper working condition so it can do its job when you need it most.

    That’s why choosing a reliable emergency generator service is important. 

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  • kohler generator
    08/12/2020 0 Comments
    How Often Should I Be Servicing My Generator?

    A generator provides your home with power should there be an outage. This can be crucial in the cold winter months and may lead to costly grocery bills should you need to throw out refrigerated items.  But what can you do to ensure your generator starts right up when you need it most?

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  • Ronnie's service truck
    08/12/2020 0 Comments
    Common Generator Problems You Can Expect in the Winter

    Ontario is no stranger to cold winter months. As a result, there are countless snowstorms that can lead to down power lines and a loss of power in your home. As a resident of Ontario, you know the importance of owning a generator. But do you know what type of generator problems Ontario typically faces?

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