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Emergency Service and Maintenance


Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd. in Ontario provides emergency generator services, repairs and backup power solutions to businesses, healthcare facilities and homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario. You do not need to have a service contract with Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd. to request emergency services. We have an on-call service technician available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call. As an emergency-based service, there will be a minimum charge for the call. In many instances the technician can provide a rough, over-the-phone estimate of the full charge, but the total cost will be dependent on the services, parts and hours necessary to repair your generator.


To schedule 24/7 emergency generator services throughout Ontario, call Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd., today! We accept credit cards over the phone and respond to emergency service requests as quickly as possible.


At Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd., we provide you with comprehensive Kohler® warranty maintenance services throughout Ontario. We can provide you with a suite of services for a range of Gensets including natural gas, propane, diesel and power bank generators. As the sister company to Paramount Power Systems, we help maintain generators from Kohler®, Paramount Generators, and other brands. Whether you have a maintenance contract with Paramount Power Systems or your system is out-of-warranty, we can provide service, maintenance and repairs.


We also provide maintenance contracts for other brands such as:

Cummins® Onan


MTU/Detroit Diesel




We service virtually any power generators ranging from 20kW to 3200kW.


We meet the stringent maintenance code requirements imposed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA-C282) for emergency generators used for life safety purposes. The same high standard of customer care is provided to all our residential customers.


Most warranties from Paramount Power Systems are valid for five years. After the warranty maintenance expires, we can schedule monthly, bi-annual, or annual maintenance services to keep your system running at peak performance. The maintenance frequency will take into account the type of system and the inherent risks of going without a power source.

What Would Your Answer Be?

Is your backup power generator ready to step in if your primary source should fail during a brownout or blackout? If your answer is "maybe," you should definitely consider regular power generator maintenance. To schedule service, call Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd. today!



How Much Does Generator Repair Cost?
Repairing your generator can usually set you back by $200 to $400. However, depending upon the exact nature of the fault in your set, the cost could be much more. If your generator is not starting because of neglect, or lack of upkeep, the repair may cost you around $65 to $130. Installing a new battery, oil or air filters cost $50 to $60. A new carburetor might cost you around $100.

What Causes a Generator To Stop Working?
Generators commonly break down because of the loss of residual magnetism. Generators operate by moving electrical conductors through a magnetic field. Generators need to work properly in order to maintain that residual magnetism. Therefore, often when your Genset has been out of operation for a long time, it may not start up immediately.



Why Choose Us?

Over the years of serving clients across Ontario, we created an unrivalled reputation of quality and efficiency. With our 24/7 emergency services, professional attitude, honest pricing and customer-centric approach, we have emerged as the preferred repair and maintenance service provider in Ontario. Our wide clientele across the province gives a resounding testimony to the quality of our services.


At Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd., our team of experts is competent at providing you with end to end testing, installation, repair and servicing solutions for your generators. Our expert team can provide competitive, fair and transparent cost estimates after a thorough inspection of the repair job. We take complete care and caution to ensure that the fault is detected and identified accurately so that they can provide you with an appropriate solution to the problem.



Contact Us

We service areas across Ontario. Regardless of the fault in your generator, our expert workmen can provide you with complete solutions at an honest price. Call us to know more about our emergency generator repair services in Ontario.



We are available 24/7 to help you with any generator emergency you may have.


In the event of a prolonged power outage, would your backup power generator be ready? To request a no-obligation quotation from our team that will best suit your needs, please contact us.

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