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Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated business that was established by Ronnie Lattavo. Ronnie moved from Italy to Canada in 1966. He completed a 5-month engineering course in 3 months, and began working for Kohler Co. as a foreman. For ten years, as both a foreman and a distributor of Kohler® products, Ronnie learned the ins and outs of how a generator works. He put his experience to good use, beginning his own business, Ronnie’s Generator Service and Maintenance in 1978, doing service calls for repairs and maintenance. With an emphasis on honesty, Ronnie’s business grew steadily, solely by word of mouth.


Ronnie’s son, Paul, started working with his dad at the age of 14. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, Paul founded Paramount Power Systems Ltd. in 1989, focusing on the design and sales of generators. The company’s first generator was a Kohler® unit that went into the Pizza Pizza in downtown Toronto. Over the years, the company has grown. Our largest clients are condos, hospitals, penitentiaries, water companies, research labs, schools and grocery stores.


We service:

  • Essential business and workplaces

  • Government buildings and infrastructure

  • Police/fire/paramedic buildings and infrastructure

  • Public transportation buildings and infrastructure

  • Railway infrastructure

  • Senior and medical care facilities

  • Life safety equipment

  • Hospitals

  • Schools, universities, and colleges

  • Condominiums and apartments

  • Private dwellings

  • Agricultural buildings and infrastructure

  • And many more


If you have any additional questions or concerns we have not answered, contact us or send us an email at service@ronniesgenerator.com.

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