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Here at Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd., we offer a comprehensive range of services for your Kohler® generator throughout Ontario. If you are looking for technicians who can expertly handle all your Kohler®'s generator service and repair needs, we’ve got you covered!


While our sister company Paramount Power Systems focuses on generator sales, we are dedicated to generator services. With our annual maintenance plans, you can ensure that your Kohler® generator gets a tune-up every year. Call us today to request a service for your Kohler® generator in Ontario.


If there happens to be a power disruption, but your Kohler® generator does not restore power, you might need to get a professional repair done. Dial us for emergency repairs for your Kohler® generator in Ontario. Spare some moments and read our latest blogs featuring generator services and solutions.


Kohler® is a highly reputed brand for generators. Producing quality generators for homes, small businesses, and industrial facilities, the company has created a distinct identity for its products. Whether you are a homeowner searching for a residential generator that provides reliable power backup or a data centre owner in need of industrial generators that can power your facility in a foolproof way, Kohler® has something for you. 

Available in a range of specifications and capacities, Kohler® generators are the preferred choice for many. If you need a Kohler® generator repair service in Ontario, count on Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd.


As a trusted service facility for Kohler® Generators in Ontario, Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd. delivers:

Emergency Repairs Power backup is crucial in homes and businesses and critical in healthcare facilities. Therefore, we offer 24/7 emergency Kohler® generator repair in Ontario. If your Kohler® generator experiences a sudden breakdown, leaving you without power, you can count on the experienced team from Ronnie's to reach you at the earliest and fix the issues quickly.

Contract Maintenance Efficient maintenance carried out annually is key to your generator’s performance and longevity. At Ronnie's, we offer Kohler® warranty maintenance services across Ontario. Whether you own a natural gas, propane or diesel and power bank variant, our team can service your generators. Even when your generators are not covered under warranties, you can trust us for comprehensive, contract-based inspections-, tune-ups and repairs.

General Maintenance We also provide general maintenance that does not require a contract. Whenever you feel that your Kohler® generator is working erratically and service is due, you can get our technicians to have a look and fix the issues.


Maintaining your generator is crucial to ensure it’s at peak performance at all times. In addition to that, proper maintenance can help you save time and money on expensive repairs down the line. Here at Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd., we can ensure that your Kohler® generators operate safely and effectively.

  • Reliability: If you do frequent health checks on your generator, you can rely on it to work when you need it the most.

  • Keeping fuel troubles at bay: Fuel difficulties, such as algae in the fuel system, clogged fuel injectors and dead batteries, are more likely in generators that have not been properly maintained. If left unattended for too long, these problems may cause your unit to fail.

  • It assists you in saving money: Although skipping generator maintenance at first appears to be a more cost-effective option, it isn't in the long run. If you don't regularly maintain your generator, you might overlook some problems in the unit, which could eventually cost you more.

  • Extends the lifespan of your generator: The longevity of your generator will increase if it is properly maintained, and it will run much smoother and longer than if it is not.


Need an emergency generator service in Ontario? Our expert team at Ronnie's Generator Service Ltd. is there to assist you 24/7 with any in case of generator emergency.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

There are numerous reasons why homeowners and commercial facilities in Ontario trust Ronnie's to repair and maintain generators. One reason is our technicians' expertise and the dedicated approach that underlies every single job that we complete. Another big reason is our focus on delivering an excellent customer journey. We are responsive, friendly and prompt. You can expect us to provide an experience that goes beyond your expectations.


Having the right know-how about your Kohler® Generator can help you make the right decisions regarding it. Here are some frequently asked questions related to our Kohler® generator service:

  • How Much Will the Repair Cost?
    There is no set standard for the price of generator repairs. The cost is determined by various factors, such as the nature of the generator issue and the manpower and material needed to perform the repair.
  • How Long Will the Repair Take?
    The duration of a generator repair depends on considerations like the severity of the issue and the availability of the required components.
  • What Are Some Common Issues With Generators?
    We regularly help clients with a number of generator problems like: Fluid Leaks Failure to start Accessory Faults (block heater, battery charger…)
  • When Should I Replace My Generator?
    In some cases, a generator replacement is necessary. A few signs that you may need to replace your generator are: Frequent failures Generator components obsolete


We are the go-to service provider for Kohler® generator repair and service in Ontario.

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